The Elevator Pitch!

It’s true what they say “Create an Elevator Pitch” I was heading into my office building when a nice gentleman held the door for me. I thanked him and we went into the elevator together.  And so, he turns to me and says “you have an office in this building?” I say “yes” ok ..yes…. here it comes….”What do you do” he asks….oh boy….so I start with my title….”I’m a VP, of Member Services for a customer service based association” hummmm…doesn’t explain what I do too well, does it? I failed that test!

It’s not like I am a fireman, teacher, lawyer…my position in member services entails many hats. I juggle many responsibilities such as helping our members with many questions regarding their membership to our organization, I help the team with convention planning, I search out member benefits to bring to our members trying to make their membership worth the time and money they put into the association and the list goes on, I speak to many people in a day, connecting, planning, learning…

Yep, I am going to need to work on my Elevator Pitch….


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