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Mental Health Days…

Sometimes you just need a mental health day…a needed day off from everything….I find them a necessity to get your bearings back, to interact with new people and to restore what you already know to be true about yourself.

What did I learned on my mental health day? Shopping is fun, getting great bargains is better, sushi tastes great with a glass of wine, work can wait a couple of hours and feeling better about yourself….is priceless.


The Un-organized Organizer

I remember a time when every drawer in my house, every closet, every thing in my life seemed organized. Now, nothing in my life feels organized. Not a closet or a file or a drawer….what went wrong??  Life happened.

I use to help people get and keep organized. I now understand why they struggled. I am living what I taught unorganized people! How could this have happened. I think when your mind is scattered, your things get scattered. There  isn’t a “place” for the things. So, what happens now? I go back to what I taught and teach myself.

The S.P.A.C.E. Method:

Assign it a home

Looking forward to applying this method in all areas of my life to get me back on track.

Happy Tuesday to all!



The Elevator Pitch!

It’s true what they say “Create an Elevator Pitch” I was heading into my office building when a nice gentleman held the door for me. I thanked him and we went into the elevator together.  And so, he turns to me and says “you have an office in this building?” I say “yes” ok ..yes…. here it comes….”What do you do” he asks….oh boy….so I start with my title….”I’m a VP, of Member Services for a customer service based association” hummmm…doesn’t explain what I do too well, does it? I failed that test!

It’s not like I am a fireman, teacher, lawyer…my position in member services entails many hats. I juggle many responsibilities such as helping our members with many questions regarding their membership to our organization, I help the team with convention planning, I search out member benefits to bring to our members trying to make their membership worth the time and money they put into the association and the list goes on, I speak to many people in a day, connecting, planning, learning…

Yep, I am going to need to work on my Elevator Pitch….


taking it back…

I headed out on my run yesterday, just a nice short run and what I came back knowing is that if you want something more in life then go after it…

you can’t sit back and wait for things to happen to you. If you want more fun, if you want more love if you want more money, you need to make it happen, don’t wait for someone to make your life better, YOU make it better…

so…Im taking it back…I’m making it happen…and im going for the gold!

have an awesome weekend!!



and more rain, I sure am looking forward to some cooler and sunnier weather coming our way…

today I revisited my draws and closets eliminating more of the things I know I don’t use, i know call me crazy but there is something soothing about organizing and getting rid of things that are of no use to me any longer…I am going on a fall cleaning binge and reducing the clutter before the holidays instead of waiting for after.

I have made a bag for clothing donation and also donating our old bedroom to a family who could use it instead of just tossing it out, recycling is a great option when you know it doesn’t fit you any more but would be a good fit for someone else…. that goes for furniture as well as old clothing.



October is…..

right around the corner…I love fall…the weather…the food…its a comfort time for me….

conference is over and again was a huge success and each year I grow…I learn…I love to learn new things, yes the comfort of the old is still …well..comforting…but something new works the brain….makes you feel alive…

October is another great month to organize as the fall and winter come in you need your summer things put away and the heavier stuff comes out…its always refreshing to me to do this as I rotate the summer shoes to the top of my closet and the winter boots come down, its like going shopping …things you havent worn in months become new again…well…unless its time to get rid of them!!

its a time to create your tax folder too if you havent already, and as tax papers come in you just toss them in the folder…easy as pie to bring to the accountant….as well as your expense spreadsheet you have been using all year……you have been using it haven’t you???

time to do more work….later 🙂


January 25

I was elected to the board of directors for the International Customer Service Association as their Administrative Director. We are gearing up for our next conference which will be held in San Antonio TX at the wonderful La Mansion Omni on the River walk…just beautiful. Im excited I enjoy putting on the events, meeting the people….organizing the event is fun for me.

I am also hunting for a new office for the ICSA another job I enjoy doing, setting up a new office making it functional.

ok..going to get this day started with a class at Apple to learn more about my laptop.

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